5 Questions: Amanda Berg Wilson

What does it take to be immersive? What makes immersive artists tick? And what is immersive anyway? We ask the leaders in the Denver area community to answer five easy questions. How did they do? You be the judge! 

Five Easy Questions forAmanda Berg Wilson


manda Berg Wilson

Who: Amanda Berg Wilson
About me: I am the Artistic Director of The Catamounts, and a local freelance director and performer. I run a theatre company dedicated to the constant reinvention of artistic forms. In the immersive realm, I performed in the entire run of Third Rail Project’s/Off-Center’s SWEET AND LUCKY and directed Off-Center’s THE WILD PARTY as well as co-directed¬†Rausch,¬†an outdoor immersive experience The Catamounts produced in collaboration with Control Group Productions


1. What does immersive mean to you?

Immersive experiences are multi-dimensional and multi-sensory. They draw the audience to the center of the experience, making them integral to the story or experience, rather than passive viewers.

2. What makes an immersive experience successful?

A successful immersive experience engages the audience member on multiple levels, and makes their centrality feel indispensable rather than gimmicky.

3. What has been one of your favorite immersive experiences?

Meow Wolf

4. What excites you about immersive in Colorado?

That it is new territory for performance and events, that it veers away from the traditional and predictable, that it is encouraging artists to experiment and to think seriously about the audience’s experience.

5. What immersive mashup would you like to see or work on?

I’d love to take something by Frank Zappa and make it immersive.

Bonus! You get the last word!

So excited to be at the beginnings of an immersive scene here in Denver.