Immersive storytelling

Branching narrative, open-ended interactions, audience decision-making: writing for immersive doesn’t look quite like writing for anything else. Our panel joins forces from across the worlds of filmmaking, theatre, and video game design to talk through the design and writing process behind immersive Read More

Immersive performance: simple tactics for connecting with viewers

Patrick Mueller, artistic Director of immersive/experiential performance company Control Group Productions, provides working insight on immersive performance design. This workshop digs into ideas around how to engage and connect with audiences/guests/participants. Intended for performers, designers, experience creators, and aspiring immersive artists of Read More

Building immersive worlds for all: Escape rooms behind the scenes

Experiences that invite diverse groups with different physical, mental, and emotional proclivities can play a significant role in promoting cultural harmony, and immersive artists have the opportunity to make creative choices that support inclusive participation. Hear from renowned world builders and game Read More

Immersive for change: What can immersive do?

Join creatives from across the worlds of performance, game design, and installation in an open discussion about the intersections of social impact and immersive art and entertainment. How might immersive narrative be leveraged towards building equity, justice, and empathy? What is needed Read More

Behind the scenes: starting your own immersive company

Are you considering taking the plunge to become an immersive entrepreneur? Get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes from our panel of experts from the worlds of immersive arts, entertainment, creative technology design, and performance– and hear what’s on their minds Read More


Enjoy a boxed lunch and some networking time in and around the Marketplace.

Global immersive: fun from around the world

Fresh from a visit with Les Machines in France, join local mastermind and fun-maker Andrew Novick as he takes you on a tour of the weird, wild and wacky that immersive art and entertainment has to offer, across the globe!