5 Questions: Full Body Sound

What does it take to be immersive? What makes immersive artists tick? And what is immersive anyway? We ask the leaders in the Denver area community to answer five easy questions. How did they do? You be the judge! 

Five Easy Questions for Full Body Sound


Full Body Sound

Who: Full Body Sound
About us: We are Full Body Sound, a tactile audio wearable device. Full Body Sound creates a truly immersive experience by allowing its users to feel music. There is so much more to music than just sound, it’s a feeling!


1. What does immersive mean to you?

With new emerging technologies, the definition of immersive experiences has expanded. Immersion is the ability to expand and sharpen your senses to more fully participate in an experience. For Full Body Sound, immersive is being able to feel hidden accents, and the highs and lows of your favorite song.

2. What makes an immersive experience successful?

An immersive experience is successful when it lends an additional depth to human senses. Full Body Sound envelopes you in your auditory experience and connects your sense of touch to your hearing.

3. What has been one of your favorite immersive experiences?

We love AV and VR and its possible applications. We also love that feeling of being at a concert, the sway of the surrounding crowd, and feeling the reverberation of a live band in your chest.

4. What excites you about immersive in Colorado?

Full Body Sound is excited to connect with local Colorado makers in immersive fields. We are eager to see what other technologies are being developed and how Full Body Sound can contribute to the community. Colorado is full of the active and adventurous who are eager to explore new technologies.

5. What immersive mashup would you like to see or work on?

Full Body Sound would love to connect with VR and AR creators who would like to incorporate an affordable tactile/haptic element to the immersive experience. We are also always eager to connect with local musicians so that they can feel their music.

Bonus! You get the last word. Anything else you’d like to say?

We love what we do and we love sharing our work! We are so happy to share our prototype with others and we are always looking for feedback and user input.