5 Questions: Cody Borst

What does it take to be immersive? What makes immersive artists tick? And what is immersive anyway? We ask the leaders in the Denver area community to answer five easy questions. How did they do? You be the judge! 

Five Easy Questions for Cody Borst

Cody Borst

Who: Cody Borst
About me: World builder, game designer, artist, engineer, and founder of Escape Realm. Builder of immersive installations across the United States, with the goal of encouraging exploration and adventure. A background in theater scenic design, haunted houses, video game design, and VR.


1. What does immersive mean to you?

Immersive is the sense of losing yourself in a creative work. Be it an environment, a game, or a piece of art. It is the feeling of becoming part of something other than yourself.

2. What makes an immersive experience successful?

Successful immersive experiences encourage you to explore and interact with them, they excite you at what you might discover and bring a sense of wonder. They connect with you and through subtle means provide strong emotional feedback

3. What has been one of your favorite immersive experiences?

Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is expressive and vibrant, it manages to pull you into a world that keeps you guessing and constantly draws you back.

4. What excites you about immersive in Colorado?

The interest from the Colorado community has grown rapidly over the past few years and as that interest has grown there have been more and more emergent and creative platforms for designers and artists to express themselves. I am very excited to see what new form emerges next, the next stage of mystery and discovery that opens my mind to new possibilities.

5. What immersive mashup would you like to see or work on?

I would love to see a deeper and more progression based immersive world emerge, where you can enter many unique environments and discover stories that unlock more of the experience as you progress your own understanding of the world. This is something that I have wanted to help create for my entire career.

Bonus! You get the last word. Anything else you’d like to say?

I am very excited to connect with other creatives and designers at this years Denver Immersive Summit! It is going to be great!

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