5 Questions: Lonnie Hanzon

What does it take to be immersive? What makes immersive artists tick? And what is immersive anyway? We ask the leaders in the Denver area community to answer five easy questions. How did they do? You be the judge! 

Five Easy Questions for Lonnie Hanzon


Who: Lonnie Hanzon
About me: I am an installation and attractions designer


1. What does immersive mean to you?

Any works that immerses the viewer or audience member beyond.

2. What makes an immersive experience successful?

When the guest suspends disbelief and becomes embodied in the work.

3. What has been one of your favorite immersive experiences?

The Man from Beyond: A Houdini Seance Escape Room.

4. What excites you about immersive in Colorado?

It’s the Wild West again!

5. What immersive mashup would you like to see or work on?

Immersive Theatre meets Dark Carnival

Bonus! You get the last word. Anything else you’d like to say?

No industry, genre, location or technology will not be affected by the immersive movement.