5 Questions: Patrick Mueller

What does it take to be immersive? What makes immersive artists tick? And what is immersive anyway? We ask the leaders in the Denver area community to answer five easy questions. How did they do? You be the judge! 

Five Easy Questions for Patrick Mueller


Who: Patrick Mueller
About me
: I’m the Artistic Director of Control Group Productions, an immersive-tilted performance company


1. What does immersive mean to you?

Immersive creations place the audience in the center of the work. They offer 360º, sensory-rich experiences that dissolve the filter between the audience and the work. They grant agency to audience members in their experience, allowing them to interact with and affect the characters and world of the work and unfolding of events.

2. What makes an immersive experience successful?

That’s a big question! For starters, I would say:

•   A well-formed logic chain (narrative, thematic, or other organizing principle)
•   Clear positioning and engagement guidelines for audiences
•   A continuous energetic/experiential thread for audiences
•   Fulfilled execution of each element included in the experience

3. What has been one of your favorite immersive experiences?

As an artist, participating in the creation and performance of Sweet & Lucky by 3rd Rail Projects was transformational to my understanding of immersive theatre as a coalesced artistic form.

As an audience member, Tara Rynders‘s You and Me and The Clinic events have been radically transcendent and gorgeous.

As a person in the world, playing with my son and other kids at the playground and walking anywhere at dusk are some of my favorite immersive experiences.

4. What excites you about immersive in Colorado?

I see in Colorado some unique potentials for immersive arts to thrive and explore.

I think Coloradans’ active lifestyles and the innovative food & booze culture tilt people here naturally toward immersive arts experiences, and offer exciting opportunities for building a strong viewership.

Colorado’s natural beauty and number of sunny days make outdoor events uniquely viable. Denver’s events-friendly civic agencies help make indoor and outdoor public space accessible.

The local dance & theatre community is invested in building a diverse local performing arts ecosystem. Immersive theatre demands a breadth of collaboration and depth of innovation that stands to create exceptional opportunities for growth for many local artists and organizations.

5. What immersive mashup would you like to see or work on?

I think adventure travel and immersive theatre is a match made in Heaven…

Bonus! You get the last word. Anything else you’d like to say?

Control Group is always looking for new collaborators and crazy ideas! Let us know if you want to chat: patrick@controlgroupproductions.org


A moment from the 2013 Control Group Productions immersive performance Fear & Prophets