Immersive for change: What can immersive do?

Join creatives from across the worlds of performance, game design, and installation in an open discussion about the intersections of social impact and immersive art and entertainment. How might immersive narrative be leveraged towards building equity, justice, and empathy? What is needed to provide more equitable resources and access for immersive creators and participants? What might immersive design contribute to conversations about access, inclusion, and the creation of safe spaces?


Betty Hart, Equity actor, director, and facilitator of engaging audience conversations


  • Kevin Zhang, Producer and designer of video games at Serenity Forge, a Boulder-based game development studio
  • Piper Rose, Performance artist and experience creatrix of Mistress of Magic, Werk Out Palace, and Secret Love Collective (UX Designer by day)
  • Veronica Rodriguez, Director, producer, actor and writer of theater of the senses. Theater which narrate stories through multisensory experiences of smell, touch, sound, taste, and imagery
  • Lia Kozatch, full-time graduate student researching arts management, cultural policy and tourism, arts education (experiential learning), and the histories of immersive/sensory work and comedic arts.

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Room 1113
Immersive Denver