Immersive everywhere: Engaging people in place

From performing in the great outdoors to developing unexpected experiences within existing spaces, incredible opportunities and unique challenges open up when we consider the world as our immersive stage. Share in shop talk and lessons learned among creatives who’ve worked in these areas. Anyone interested in site-specific design will leave with actionable insights into everything from navigating regulations and logistics to what’s powerful about the possibilities of engaging people in place.

Dan GrinerDirector of Design Strategy at Link Product Development, Executive Director of Making Progress Colorado,  Lecturer at CU Denver Inworks


  • Amanda Berg-WilsonArtistic Director of The Catamounts, and Freelance Theatre Director and Performer
  • Justin Hicks, Technical Director at INCITE Colorado
  • Paul Quick, Director of Special Projects  for the Denver Zoo
  • Cassie Kaslon, Principal Landscape Architect at Valerian
  • Chris Montigne, Creative Director, Exhibit Designer, Environmental Designer, Industrial Designer, Graphic Designer, and Storyteller at Proctor Productions

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Room 1111