Immersive performance: simple tactics for connecting with viewers

Patrick Mueller, artistic Director of immersive/experiential performance company Control Group Productions, provides working insight on immersive performance design. This workshop digs into ideas around how to engage and connect with audiences/guests/participants. Intended for performers, designers, experience creators, and aspiring immersive artists of all sorts, the session combines discussion and practical exercises for dropping guests into the world, navigating the experience together, and engaging audience members verbally and physically. We’ll grapple with big ideas, discuss specific scenarios, and try on some simple practices that open up the unique potentials and challenges that immersive live performance introduces.

This workshop is for people of all experience levels (including none!) but please note that everyone in the workshop will be asked to participate in the activities as performers and audience/participants. The focus will be on performers’ tactics and toolkits (the ways in which we engage) more than on content or environment.

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Room 1113
Immersive Denver